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Life in Tulum

The best rooms in Tulum

The best rooms in Tulum

Alaya is the preferred hotel to enjoy a calm and relaxing atmosphere in the heart of Tulum beach, its rooms are designed for honeymooners,...

Sustainable hotels in Tulum

Sustainable hotels in Tulum

Alaya Tulum is one of the four hotels that has Green Key certificate. Our commitment with the environment is as big as with our guests, throughout...

Improving your health at Alaya!

SELF LOVE Self-love is crucial for living a healthy, happy, and fulfilling life. It involves treating yourself with kindness, compassion, and...

Top Wellness Hotel in Tulum

Why stay in Alaya? Alaya a Top Wellness Hotel in Tulum offers an array of holistic and cultural activities centered on embracing self-care. At Alaya...

Why Is Ecoturism Important?

Why Is Ecoturism Important?Are you looking for an eco-friendly holiday in Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula? As an eco-tourist, you decide to travel in a...